A celebration of cultural gems

Unravelling the underlying historic traditions has been essential in bringing this project alive, where a symphony of colours, textures, and patterns is enriched by the geographical and cultural context of Zhuhai, a strategic coastal port in the Lingnan region of Southern China.

Situated right next to the former Portuguese colony Macau, Zhuhai is where the amber-coloured Pearl River and the emerald-green Pacific Ocean converge, giving birth to a hotel design that represents a distinctive mix of flavours and styles.


For example, instead of installing revolving doors or single-leaf doors for the hotel entrance, an electric sliding gate is reminiscent of traditional gate designs from the Guangdong province. A magnificent boulder, where moss in varying hues of green flourishes, guard the hotel lobby.


While its appearance echoes the natural rocks found around the hotel and on the Phoenix Bay in Zhuhai, yellow pottery pieces are reminiscent of pebbles along the Lovers’ Road in Zhuhai.

Chinese ceramic pillows found on the walls of the hotel room area remind visitors not only of entering a private area, but also its lineage of colourful history from different dynasties. Paying homage to ceramics exchange along the marine trade route, these handmade pieces also play a significant role in integrating the outdoor and indoor environments, smoothing the natural transition from one area to the next in form-fitting harmony.