Kinney chan

Creativity and Originality together define the driving force for Kinney and his award-winning design studio Kinney Chan & Associates, whose signature projects span across Asia and all over the world. Despite the changing design trends and customer tastes over the decades, Kinney has been leading a multi-talented team who humbly learns from each client to cater for their priorities and cost efficiency, while sharing a common passion for fun, intelligent and unforgettable design solutions.


A former chairman of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association,and a former director of the Hong Kong Design Centre, Kinney strives to increase public awareness for interior design, and to promote the sustainable growth of the creative industry in Hong Kong. He obtained his BA in Interior Design from De Monfort University, UK. Prior to returning to Hong Kong and founding his own studio, he spent two years working in Manchester. Creatively fusing an international vision with diverse cultural anecdotes, he brings to life each project with colourful personalities as unique spaces for unexpected encounter and ongoing exploration.


Design is a true form of art with an equal emphasis on aesthetic appreciation and human connection. The best design is not just about presenting a stunning look – it should instead be the most fitting idea which appropriately put clients first.

As designers, we have much more to offer than stimulating visuals with matching materials and spatial arrangements. Our dedicated team is always ready to the extra miles for the needs of our clients with our unrivalled professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and trendsetting design concepts.