A feast of the senses

Towering over the 115th floor of PAFC Mall in Shenzhen, this Michelin-star restaurant has employed an impressively diverse range of Japanese cultural symbols to deliver an aesthetically familiar yet refreshingly intriguing high-end dining.

Allowing for a strategic mix to maximize both profit returns and guest comfort, the design team is keen to mesmerize the senses of each visitor with open bars, alongside three teppanyaki rooms named Wakayama, Shibuya, and Umeda, and one private tatami room, Nara. The two distinctive areas serving sushi and grilled food are designed in thoughtful details to complement the delicacies and hospitality on offer.


Boldly greeting guests with a boulder and kettle, for example, suggests the spirit of wabi-sabi, or finding beauty in every aspect of imperfection in nature, embodying a perfect blend of aged tradition and contemporary dining. Consider also Japanese-style rain chain, kusaridoi, whose chain link gather rooftop water and convey it to the ground as a delightful performance for both the ears and the eyes. Transformed into ceiling decoration and completed in sparkling rose gold, they complement other many other elements that take on new shape and meaning across the restaurant.